China Syndrome

1:27 pm ET

My talk with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC about the GOP nominee’s Middle Kingdom challenge:

MITCHELL: “Mark Halperin, little doubt that it is reactive but it is one of the privileges or powers of incumbency.”

HALPERIN: “It is, and, you know, one of the advantages the President and his team have is they’ve been sitting around for three-and-a-half years, waiting for an opponent, knowing what their vulnerabilities are in terms of re-election, and having gamed out the research, the video, the response ads. When Mitt Romney put up an ad on China a few days ago, the next day, the Obama campaign had a response ad on China up. They think they can diffuse the issue with things like this. They certainly, I think, are confident they can keep it to enough of a draw, even if Governor Romney has a bit of an advantage, that it’s not dispositive in determining the outcome of the election. I’ll say, I’ve heard Governor Romney talk about China quite a bit since he started his campaign. I’ve yet to hear him talk about it in a way that seems like it will break through with a lot of voters, to say, yeah, if Mitt Romney’s president, things with China will be more to our liking than they’ve been for the last four years. Unless he can do that, I think the back and forth plays to the President’s, at least, again, rough parity, particularly, because, as you say, he’s got the benefits of incumbency.”

Watch the video above.

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