One of Romney’s Problems

7:10 am ET

My “Morning Joe” colloquy with the eponymous host about some parts of the right turning on the nominee:

SCARBOROUGH: “Conservative intelligentsia is — has turned on him and there are some things that they will not say publicly, there are some things that they will not write publicly, but behind the scene, they’re all talking Dole ’96, George H.W. Bush ’92. This past week they’ve really, privately written this guy off despite the fear and loathing that they have about a second Obama term. It is so depressing, so depressing that they feel like they had to settle for John McCain four years ago, a guy that went out of his way to stick a sharp stick in their eye. Any chance he had to poke at conservatives, he would. And now they’re having to deal with Mitt Romney. This is terrible for the conservative movement, terrible for the Republican Party, and, a lot of us believe, pretty darn bad for America.”

HALPERIN: “Part of why they’ve jumped so quickly to that is Romney is, for them, turning out to be exactly what they feared: can’t relate to people, can’t talk about Obamacare because of Massachusetts health care, doesn’t project what he actually stands for, Bain Capital. All the things that they talked about in the nominating process, for them, is coming true right now.”

Watch it above.

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