Jeb: Not Much Difference Between Obama, Romney on Education

8:07 am ET

Here’s my one question Q&A with the former Florida governor on “Morning Joe”:

HALPERIN: “Governor, real quick, to take advantage of your expertise, what do you see as the major differences on education between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama?”

BUSH: “You know, this is a place where the differences aren’t as vast as they are on economic policy or fiscal policy. I’d say the biggest difference is Governor Romney believes passionately and consistently about school choice but they both believe in higher stands. I think they believe in the teacher evaluation system that’s being proposed by the mayor in Chicago, which is really the frustrating part of this is that there’s not this big, deep partisan divide on education. Yet, unions and the monopolies are resistant to change and if we just continue to fight the political fight we’re gonna have one-third of our kids college and/or career ready and two-thirds not. And you cannot sustain who we are as a nation with those kind of results over a long period of time.”

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