Huntsman on Romney

7:50 am ET

Here’s my exchange with the ambassador/governor on “Morning Joe” on the Arab Spring:

HALPERIN: “We don’t have a lot of time and I’m asking you to do something complicated in a short space, which is, rather than criticize, if you could educate, from your learned perspective, what is the basic difference between President Obama’s strategy and philosophy towards dealing with the Arab Spring versus what Governor Romney is proposing?”

HUNTSMAN: “Well, I don’t know what Governor Romney is proposing at this point and I’m a little… It’s kind of a problem but let’s remember this; this is a time for reflection. This is a time to remember that we’re on the very earliest, in the very earliest stages of new governments in Libya and in Egypt and how this thing is going to play out. Remember when Zhou Enlai once said about the French revolution, I mean 200 years later, when asked about it he said it was really too soon to tell in terms of its impact. And I think we have to hold steady to what our interests are in the region. That is stability. That is counterterrorism. That is keeping the lanes open for trade and commerce and that’s supporting our alliances, first and foremost Israel. And that’s where it needs to be packaged and I haven’t heard a clear articulation on either side about how you begin to put those pieces together in the Middle East. We all know it’s broken but at some point we’ve got some work ahead in terms of putting the pieces together.”

Watch the video above.

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