Thursday’s Questions

8:05 am ET

  1. How aggressive will the media be in seeking answers regarding the Administration’s conduct both before and immediately after the attacks in Egypt and Libya?
  2. How forthcoming in an election year will the Administration be?
  3. Will the Romney campaign continue to drive a message on national security — or will they switch back to the economy? Or will they try to drive both?
  4. Will Republican foreign policy hands and elected officials come to Romney’s defense more than they did Wednesday?
  5. Did the President “politicize” the crisis by criticizing Romney to “60 Minutes”?
  6. Given that it is quite clear how the left and the right feel about what Romney said, will the campaigns test how swing voters feel?
  7. Will the two presidential candidates stake out different positions on how to deal with Libya and Egypt going forward?
  8. For how many more consecutive days will Northern Africa and the Middle East be the top news story and how will the campaigns react to that?
  9. Will Republicans recall that they did no second-guessing of the actions of the commander-in-chief in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks eleven years ago? And that (most) Democrats and reporters didn’t either?
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