Some Misssions Accomplished

7:45 am ET

My “Morning Joe” Take on what the Democrats got done in Charlotte:

“There’s no question, in terms of the programming and flow of each evening and flowing from one night to another, there’s no question the Democrats did better. And again, I want to make it clear, the President’s speech was more than fine. I think it helped accomplish two of the three major goals of the convention, helped by others. One is to remind people that they like Barack Obama, that there’s a certain magic to him in terms of inspiring the country. Two, to help define Mitt Romney. They want to make this, as we’ve said all along, a choice election, define him, but not in a way that people say is mean spirited. The missing piece from the President and from others, again, was not enough, I thought, in terms of saying what happens if I win? What will I do if I win?”

I will add one more which I forgot to say on the telly: they communicated with key voter groups (young people, Hispanics, women) with targeted messages.

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