My Take on the Jobs Numbers

9:20 am ET

From “Morning Joe”:

SCARBOROUGH: “This wasn’t as strong. This is such a frustrating economy for the White House because you just never feel like you’re gaining the traction you want to gain.”

HALPERIN: “Yeah, you know, they’re still trying to light logs that are mostly wet and not able to ignite. I agree with the Romney campaign on one central insight of theirs, which is what matters is not the statistics but how people are really feeling in the real economy. You look at the number of jobs created in this month compared to the number of people out looking for work, it’s not going to have a big impact on what real people are experiencing in their real lives. That having been said, you know, 8.1, I think, does matter. I probably disagree a little bit, in terms of the news coverage. I think going from 8.3 to 8.1 is the trend and we all talk about the fact it is baked into the analysis but, as President Reagan found, if you’re moving in the right direction, you can make a persuasive argument.”

Watch the video above.

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