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The one in which I preview 42’s convention deal:

MITCHELL: Let me ask you about Bill Clinton though before we have to go. You covered Bill Clinton. I covered Bill Clinton. Is there any risk in him being out here or is this all a plus, added value?

HALPERIN: It’s all a plus. You know, sometimes in conventions, you saw this somewhat in Tampa, the press will say, well, so-and-so will overshadow the nominee. He’s going to overshadow the nominee for 24 hours and Bill Clinton, to some extent, overshadows everybody. But they handled the walkup so well, featuring him in an ad, talking regularly about how he’s going to campaign in the fall, and Barack Obama referring to him in a favorable way. I don’t think there’s anything but upside here. You can anticipate the Republican critique of various things based on what Bill Clinton says, well, Barack Obama doesn’t really believe it. But, I think, to the voters who matter in this race, both the base and the swing voters, it’s all upside.

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