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8:17 pm ET

As I suggested Monday, even before the convention started, there is more energy and carnival festiveness on one block of downtown Queen City real estate than there was within all of the Tampa Green Zone.

That difference is also reflected inside the Time Warner Cable Arena. Delegates here are listening much more closely to the speeches than their Republican counterparts did — and reacting. I have no doubt that, at least in the hall, the reception for the major speakers will be deafening.

None of that is to suggest that this means President Obama will win re-election. But, as Jim Messina has assured reporters for many months, the Democratic base is truly fired up.

Other Charlotte observations:

  • Convention veterans will be stunned at how small the floor space is; I’ve never seen anything like it. The distance to the center prompter is, thus, quite short.
  • A hint of the anti-Romney fervor was demonstrated during the showing of a video about Ted Kennedy whooping the nominee of the GOP in their 1994 Senate matchup. The crowd ate it up.
  • Even the conservative reporters seem to be having more fun here than they did in Tampa.
  • I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but I think there are at least two major-ish surprises coming here. Stay tuned.
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