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6:36 am ET

This new Obama TV spot, “Heavy Load,” is all about the core themes the campaign will drive in Charlotte: this is a choice election and one of the choices is an out-of-touch plutocrat who doesn’t understand the middle class.

There are two factual claims at the heart of the commercial (middle class taxes will go up, taxes for the wealthy will go down). Boston will complain about both, but given the recent claims in Romney ads, the chances the re-elect will care about any squealing are non-existent. The partisan fact checkers will fight to a draw. The second claim is more (obviously) true than the first.

My three favorite elements of the spot: (1) the piano music; (2) the unattractive closing shot of Romney (the first one isn’t bad!); and (3) the woman whose picture is chosen to represent the entire middle class.

Chicago says the ad will air in Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia, and Florida.

Watch it above.

Read the script here.

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