Sweep Not Cherry Pick

My “Morning Joe” snapshot framing of the race right now:

SCARBOROUGH: Florida and Ohio have to be in the Romney column or the election’s over.

HALPERIN: Well, there’s no scenario without Florida. You know, Ohio is a tough state for Governor Romney and there are some people who think they may need to go back and take another look at Michigan if they can’t figure out how to solve Ohio. Ohio just has…

SCARBOROUGH: If you can’t win Ohio, you can win Michigan as a Republican?

HALPERIN: Well, he’s from Michigan and he’s very popular outside of the Detroit-metro area and the Detroit suburbs. So, neither is a great choice. Right now, I think, the more I’ve done reporting here with Republicans, both in the campaign and out, I think it’s going to be Governor Romney is going to win the bulk of these battleground states, just sweep them. And so, take Ohio, take Florida, take Michigan, take North Carolina, Virginia, etc… Or, he’s going to lose because he can’t win this piece-by-piece. There’s just too many states where he’s behind where the President is strong. I think it’s going to be a wave. I don’t think he can cherry pick the electoral college at this point.

Watch the video above.

My analysis could change, but as of now, I think this dynamic will sustain for a good long while.

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