The Speech

My answer to Andrea Mitchell about Governor Romney’s preparations for Thursday night.

“That Washington Post poll has kind of shaken people’s perceptions. It’s one poll, not clear if it represents where the race really is. Look, people I think should have been stunned when Governor Romney himself told Hugh Hewitt on the radio something that had been out there in the ether a little, which is his speech wasn’t done Friday night. He did practice the last two days. But if you said, here’s a guy who must give a great speech who’s never really given a great speech, and who isn’t the best speaker in the world, you would think he probably should’ve had this speech written several weeks ago and been practicing. On the other hand, I have found with Governor Romney, when he’s at peace with what he needs to do, when he knows what he needs to say, whether it’s to destroy someone in a debate or give a major presentation, if he’s at peace with himself, he can do it. And my sense from watching that video, because I am like Dr. Phil, Joyce Brothers, and Spock, he seems at peace to me. He doesn’t seem nervous. I just ran into his son Tagg in the lobby. He said both his parents, to him, seem totally at peace.”

Watch it here.

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