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Here’s my “Morning Joe” Take on the electoral college status of some battlegrounds:

HALPERIN: I’ve been surprised in my conversations since I’ve got here with Romney folks. They say their electoral college calculations don’t really include those two states and unless there’s a big national landslide where everything goes towards Governor Romney, he’s going to have to find 270 electoral votes without them. I agree they’re tough states. The auto bailout makes Michigan particularly tough but it is Governor Romney’s — it’s a state he grew up in. It’s a state, I think, all along he’s thought he’d like to win. They just campaigned there. But if they’re truly going to build 270 electoral votes with those two states not in play at all, their margin of error is so small that it’s surprising to me. They’ve got a lot of money. It’s surprising on how little they’re considering those two states.

SCARBOROUGH: Mitt Romney, I think he’s fairing a little bit better in states like Colorado, Nevada than a lot of analysts would’ve expected a year ago, Mark.

HALPERIN: You know, he’s doing alright. THose are states where the economy is bad. There’s a little bit of this paradox for him where you’ve got states, like Michigan, that have Republican governors, where the economy is coming back a little bit. And that’s the big issue in the race. Governor Snyder, Governor Kasich even, they’re out there saying our states are coming back, doing better. They try to say it’s only because of us, not because of Washington, but it creates a problem. And look, the Romney people will tell you, they care about facts on the ground. They don’t care about cable TV chatter and op-ed pieces. They like real people’s real lives. Well, in some states real peoples’ real lives are getting somewhat better and that trend line may help the President.

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