The State of Ann

My colloquy with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC on the prospect that Mrs. Romney’s speech will move to Tuesday night.

MITCHELL: Briefly, before I let you go, do you think there’s going to be a compromise on Ann Romney? She’s supposed to speak Monday. The broadcast networks are not carrying the convention on Monday. They’re doing three days as they’re doing for the Democrats or the same amount of overall time as they’re doing in Charlotte. So, do you think that they will relent if they see no broadcast opportunity to show Ann Romney, who is one of their best surrogates, and move her speech to the next day?

HALPERIN: I think they will. I think there’s a history sometimes of networks changing course, sometimes, on things like this. I don’t get the sense that’s going to happen here. I think the Republicans are sort of putting out one last ditch effort to say, please, could y’all cover Monday night, that’s an important speech. If not, it’s really not that big a deal of moving it to a different night, maybe Tuesday, sharing billing with Chris Christie. It’s important to them. They must introduce Ann Romney, and through Ann Romney, Mitt Romney to the country. So I think they’re right to go for that broadcast coverage. It’s a bigger audience, typically, than cable and it’s a demographic that’s going to have more undecided voters than you can reach, typically, on cable.

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