The Fierce Urgency of Now

My “Morning Joe” colloquy with Mike Barnicle about why Chicago seems to be intensely engaged right this moment:

BARNICLE: We were talking about it briefly before we were on this morning. I’m wondering is there something in their internal polling that shows them that there is a pivot point in this election that’s really worrying the Obama campaign that we’re not addressing, that we don’t realize. Something internal in the polling. Whether it’s the welfare stuff, whether it’s the fact that people haven’t really clung yet to the ideological ramifications of Paul Ryan being added to the ticket. I don’t know what it is but there’s a sense of unrest at the top of that campaign that’s palpable.

HALPERIN: One element that’s pressing on them is their theory of the case was to win this thing in the summer by heavily outspending Romney. Now, the Republicans, this week, I believe, both sides have suggested to me, are outspending the Democrats and that will continue all the way through election. So I think they’re a little bit worried that they’re going to be buried under an avalanche of super PAC spending in September and October and that if they don’t have this thing by the conventions, they may be in trouble.

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