The Big Theme

From the Romney campaign to the RNC to all their allied groups, there is a shared central project: make voters feel okay about voting against a president they like personally, maybe even one they voted for four years ago.

Now comes a new 0:60 TV spot from the Koch-affiliated Americans for Prosperity that reinforces the message that has been driven by previous commercials.

This one features “real” people who are identified as having voted for Barack Obama in 2008, and now come more in sadness and disappointment than in anger to critique his record.

The group says it will air the spot with millions of bucks behind it in eleven battleground states, including Wisconsin, starting Wednesday.

Watch it above.

Read the script below:

Richard: In 2008 I voted for President Obama with no reluctance.

Robin: He presented himself as something different.

Maria: I had hoped that the new president would bring new jobs, not major layoffs, not people going through major foreclosures on their homes.

Robin: He did get his healthcare through but at what cost?

Richard: He said he was going to cut the deficit in his first term. I’ve seen zero interest in reducing spending. He inherited a bad situation but he made it worse.

Maria: I think he’s a great person. I don’t feel like he is the right leader for our country though.

Robin: I still believe in hope and change. I just don’t think Obama’s the way to go for that.

Maria: The president has not earned re-election in two thousand and twelve in my book.

Richard: I’ve seen his now definition of hope and change and it’s not the hope and change I want and it’s not the hope and change I thought I was going to get. I don’t feel that I’ve helped my grandchildren for voting for President Obama. And I regret that.

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