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Here’s my “Hardball” Take on why Romney owns the Ryan plan.

HALPERIN: “I think you may be overstating, a little bit, the extent to which he’s distancing himself and the significance of it. He’s trying not to own it lock, stock, and barrel because there are elements that differ from his plan. But in the basics, on the notion of changing Medicare, on the notion of tax policy, he owns Ryan and I don’t think he distanced himself completely. Ed Gillespie, one of his top advisers, said, over the weekend, if the Ryan bill came to his desk that he’d sign it. He owns the Ryan bill and I think attempts to distance are pretty much meaningless. And it should be substantively. Because again, the distance between what he’d like to do and the House budget are minor…. He’d like the parts that are politically sensitive, which he does disagree with, to not own the whole thing. But he owns the major elements. He owns drastically reducing the size of the federal government, drastically changing how Medicare works, and drastically altering the tax code where the richest Americans would get a big tax break.”

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