Citizen Bloomberg

Gotham City’s mayor chose not to run for president himself, but Tuesday he will do a doubleheader on immigration reform, including events with Bill Daley in Chicago and Rupert Murdoch in Boston, in an effort to put pressure on the presidential candidates to address the issue.

Bloomberg is one of the few people in the country with the resources, focus, fearlessness, and tactical sensibility to try to maneuver Obama and Romney into addressing real issues.

Here’s the New York Times account.

Still for all for all the talk that Ryan’s selection means the race is going to get more substantive, I still think that unless there are more efforts like Bloomberg’s, and unless the two presidential candidates tell their operative to knock it off, we won’t see a major change in tone or trajectory anytime soon.

Hizzoner also weighed in on Ryan Sunday, saying he likes his specificity but not his specifics.

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