Biden Rejects Romney Sequester Pitch

I asked the Vice President on the ropeline at the Disabled American Veterans meeting in Las Vegas what he thought of Romney’s Friday idea to delay the automatic spending cuts for up to a year to create time to negotiate a grand bargain:

HALPERIN: “What do you think of Governor Romney’s idea of the administration putting off the sequester for a year with an agreement?”

VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: “I think we should act. We can act now. We can act now and get it done and I believe we will get it done.”

Watch the video here.

Earlier, in his remarks to the group, Biden talked about the original negotiations over the sequester, claiming he was skeptical of the triggers at the time, saying Republicans had insisted on the deal and were now acting like they hadn’t been party to the decision and were now playing “brinksmanship.”

“We are going to get through this, but it is a hell of a way to do business,” Biden said.

Biden led a mini-seminar on sequestration, complete with a Gramm-Rudman reference, but his failure to fully fire up the crowd is one more indication that with the clock ticking, the serious men running for president (and vice president) are so far having trouble engaging the country in an equally serious debate about the Fiscal Cliff and the choices the nation faces.

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