The Ad

There will be other TV spots between now and November, of course, but this Obama TV commercial is seminal in so many ways.

The title “The Choice” is the whole message of the re-elect — although the word “forward” appears alone on the screen at the end of the ad for good measure.

It is filled with buzz phrases such as “pay down our debt in a balanced way” and “home-grown American energy.”

Much of the spot is the President speaking direct to camera, something that Romney’s admakers have not done to date with their man.

Unlike a lot of negative ads that campaigns euphemistically call “comparative,” this one really is. It is one candidate comparing his plan to another, with no scary music (although there IS music) and unflattering images of Mitt Romney.

The campaign claims the ad will air in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, although it is a sixty seconder, which means either that the campaign isn’t actually putting it on the air at real levels or Chicago is continuing its extraordinary summer spending spree.

Totally worth watching above.

Read the script here

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