Reed and Nutter Respond

Kasim Reed and Michael Nutter respond to Mitt Romney’s NAACP speech:


“When others were turning their backs and the African-American communities and the American worker, the President bet on the auto-industry.”

“What Mitt Romney wants our folks to do is to have amnesia. He never refers to the Bush administration policies that put us in this position to begin with. He didn’t make a single reference to that. He really would have you believe that ll of the problems we’re facing right now in this economy are the product of the President’s leadership when just the opposite is true.”

“Mitt Romney knew where he was today and what he tried to have was a reverse Sister Souljah moment. So he tried to go to the NAACP and then take a position that he knew would impact 7 million African-Americans adversely. And then he got the response that was completely appropriate and it makes him look like he’s having character and integrity when he wasn’t really speaking to the NAACP audience at all. He’s aware of what’s going on in Congress today and those are the individuals he was speaking to. So he was trying to pull off a reverse Sister Souljah moment. He never displays that kind of character, integrity or courage when Rush Limbaugh makes a comment about him. He didn’t display that kind of character integrity of courage when Ted Nugent made comments about the President that were wholly inappropriate. He didn’t display that kind of character and courage when that young law student at Georgetown was disparaged. But he’ll come to the heart of the NAACP and say that Obamacare should be repealed. That’s why it was a political stunt. It wasn’t worth the time that it spent coming out of his mouth.”


“Mitt Romney refuses to show any leadership on health care…. He’s running away from his own signature achievement as governor of Massachusetts.”

“Clearly, Mitt Romney has no real plans for the African-American community and, quite frankly, I haven’t heard really any plans for America. So, nobody is really paying attention to his nonsense.”

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