Romney on Medved – Tax Policy

Here’s the transcript of what Romney told Medved about his own tax policy:

“This nation runs on economic freedom and we have to restore it. And to restore economic freedom we have to taxes that are competitive with other nations, not high and confiscatory as ours sometimes can be. It’s get this economy going, that’s job number one.”

“[My plan] brings down the rate of taxation for individuals and for small business and for businesses of all kinds, and at the same time keeps the revenue coming into government, by limiting some of the deductions and exemptions, particularly for some people at the high income so we can keep the progressivity of the code. So we can just keep get our rates down. And that will encourage growth. It will encourage business start-ups and business expansion and that means jobs for middle income Americans.”

“I happen to recognize, as I think the American people do, that if we want jobs, we have to have businesses growing — small, medium, large, businesses of all kinds. And, the idea that we want a strong economy but we don’t like business is something which comes from our liberal friends that just don’t understand the American people want good jobs. And everything I’m going to do is to encourage the success of entrepreneurs and innovators and businesses of all kinds so that if they want to invest and grow in America and hire people here.”

“We do not pit American against American. We don’t attack one street or another or one city or another or one person or another.”

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