Rushbo on Roberts

Limbaugh on his Friday radio show:

“The Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court knew that and felt it was his duty, however, to save the legislation. i don’t even care about motivation. I don’t care if it’s because he wants the New York Times and Washington Post loving him. I don’t care if it’s because he wants to be the next John Marshall. I don’t care. All I know is that we were defrauded in front of our eyes, wide open. We were taunted, frauded, defrauded, mocked, laughed at. I guess 5-4 court decisions are perfectly fine now. 5-4, oh yeah, hey, we’ll take whatever we can get. We’ll take it however we can get it. Even if they have to invent law. Even if they have to rewrite a statute that was so poorly written it wouldn’t have gotten past a first grader who understood the Constitution.”

“What he did, he stretched the limits to avoid being accused of activism. In the process, he became more activist than any justice in recent memory.”

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