The Romney Perspective

From a senior adviser in Boston reacting to the analysis on “Morning Joe” and elsewhere suggesting the latest polling data is good news for the President after several weeks of tough media coverage for the White House:

“Who’s to say this was Obama’s rough stretch? He outspent Romney on television three to one. He has had one negative spot run against him versus seven against Romney. [Obama] has been preparing for this post-primary stretch for three and a half years.

“This should have been his best stretch, ala Clinton after the primary vs. Dole. Instead he limped along. The fact that he couldn’t put the hurt on Romney is telling.

“We have just started to make our case against Obama.

“As will be clear…..

“This may very well prove to be [Obama’s] best period.

“If an incumbent can’t put away a challenger when he staggers out of a primary, that’s pretty pathetic.

“Just to be clear. If Obama goes in 47 to 44 [in horse race polls versus Romney], he will lose.”

There’s a lot to chew on there. To paraphrase the Twitter line, quoting is not endorsing.

The bottom line is that either candidate can win at this point. Obama can take heart that he is still in the game, given the economy. Romney can take heart that the President is under 50 in most polls and the challenger has room to grow.

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