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The Chattering Class, without much polling data, has assumed the President’s bad political run would impact his standing against Romney.

The biggest Wednesday news so far:

  • A new Bloomberg News poll showing the national horserace at 53-40 Obama.
  • Two new Obama-Biden TV ads hitting Romney on his Massachusetts record, on raising taxes and fees and on outsourcing. Most notable here: they take a gratuitous shot at the Republican for being a “millionaire” and they hit him from the right on taxes/fees.

Some critics score Chicago for over-focus grouping everything and for running against Bain and Massachusetts when the Amtrak Corridor experts believe those themes have been played out. As in 2008, the Obamans don’t care what the Corridor thinks. And they are still guided by two-part thinking: the incumbent can’t win unless he eliminates Romney as an acceptable choice — and Romney CAN be eliminated (with efforts like these new ads).

If the Bloomberg poll is even close to accurate, with the President above 50 and with a big lead, it might be time to stop raising questions about the White House’s strategy — and about Obama’s chances.

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