June Is Not October

President Obama’s loooong Thursday speech was pretty much panned by the right and the left/center.

But, here, without prejudice, are some reasons for all of us to take a collective deep breath and not commence with a debate about whether Bob Zoellick or Richard Haass is going to be Mitt Romney’s secretary of state:

  • Romney hasn’t made too many blatant, news-cycle-driving mistakes lately, and he is sort of due.
  • There are some congressional and real-world moments coming up which will give Democrats a chance to push Romney to the right.
  • The publicity given large conservative campaign contributions might finally be inspiring more giving from liberal millionaires.
  • What’s going on in the battleground states now, politically and economically, isn’t nearly as bad for the incumbent as the national politico-media echo chamber would have you believe.
  • Romney hasn’t solved his Hispanic problem yet.
  • Cayman Islands and Swiss banks.
  • The Supreme Court might somehow give the White House a game-changing boost.
  • The President is still well liked and highly competitive.
  • The Democrats still have more paths to 270 electoral votes.
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