Halperin’s Take: A Different World

On MSNBC’s “Mitchell Reports,” Halperin says all signs point to the President coming out in favor of same-sex marriages in interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts.

Read the transcript below.

“Every expectation that we will, within the next hour, be in a different world, where we will have a President of the United States who supports the legalization of gay marriage. He’s doing an interview with Robin Roberts at ABC, someone who he’s done many interviews with in the past. The Vice President, I think, forced his hand. But even before the Vice President spoke on Meet The Press in favor of gay marriage, the President was headed in this direction before the election. There was a lot of speculation he’d wait until after he was reelected or lost. But I think they people around him all felt that there was going to come a time when he need to do this. It’s where almost everyone who works for him is, I think, and a lot of people who’ve observed him over the years think that’s where his heart is. And I believe, when he does it, although there will be a lot of speculation as to the political implications, it’s just as likely to help him win reelection as hurt him.

Chris is right. There are huge political risks taking this position. And they’re clear. And public opinion has moved faster on this than almost anything I remember in my career. But, it’s probably, on net, a losing issue. It will energize young voters, it will energize a lot of the President’s financial supports. And, I think, if Republicans go after this hard — now, they’ll do it in a micro targeting way if the president changes his position. If Mitt Romney tries to make this a big issue, it takes them off the economy. If this election is fought not on the economy, that’s better for the President, and I think Republicans will see that. I don’t think this will be a huge issue in the election.”

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