Romney Santorum

Romney campaign trying to rely on others to shut the nomination fight down.

Latest Boston press release cites news accounts, Jeb Bush, Jim DeMint and Erick Erickson to make case that Santo should quit.

Read the entire release below.

“Conservative leaders across the nation know there is a lot at stake in this election. Mitt Romney is running for president in order to defeat Barack Obama and restore America’s promise. He knows the choice we will make in November is about more than just one person – it is about the future of our country.” –Andrea Saul, Romney Campaign Spokesperson
“GOP Leaders And Rank-And-File Republicans [Appear] To Be Coalescing Around [Romney’s] Presidential Candidacy.” “Mitt Romney got exactly the boost he needed Wednesday in the form of an endorsement by former Florida governor Jeb Bush, a move that came as GOP leaders and rank-and-file Republicans appeared to be coalescing around his presidential candidacy the day after a decisive primary victory in Illinois.” (The Washington Post, 3/21/12)
Republicans Are Calling “For The Party To Rally Behind Mitt Romney.” “Republican officials, increasingly weary of the divisive presidential-primary fight, stepped forward Wednesday to call for the party to rally behind Mitt Romney and for his rivals to accept his nomination as inevitable after his big victory in the Illinois primary.” (The Wall Street Journal, 3/21/12)
Former Governor Jeb Bush: “It Is Time To Get Behind The Nominee.” “Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush says Republican front-runner Mitt Romney has earned the right to take on President Obama in November. ‘It is time to get behind the nominee,’ Bush told the Tribune-Review on Wednesday during a visit to Pittsburgh.” (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 3/22/12)
·         Governor Bush: “Now Is The Time For Republicans To Unite Behind Gov. Romney And Take Our Message Of Fiscal Conservatism And Job Creation To All Voters This Fall.” (The Wall Street Journal, 3/21/12)
Senator Jim DeMint: Candidates Need “To Do A Little Self-Reflection Here On What’s Good For Our Country.” “Mitt Romney got a big boost Thursday when Sen. Jim DeMint all but called on his rivals to exit the race. ‘We all need to look at this presidential primary and encourage the candidates to do a little self-reflection here on what’s good for our country,’ the influential South Carolina conservative told reporters in the Capitol after attending a group meeting with Romney. … ‘There’s no need to drag this to a convention if it’s pretty clear who our nominee is,’ DeMint said.” (Politico, 3/22/12)
·         Senator DeMint: “I’m Not Only Comfortable With Romney, I’m Excited About The Possibility Of Him Possibly Being Our Nominee.” (, 3/23/12)
RedState’s Erick Erickson: “[Romney] Will Be The Nominee.” “It is a mathematical improbability that Rick Santorum will get to the magic number of 1,144 – the number of delegates needed to be the Republican Presidential nominee….Last night in Illinois, Mitt Romney won his first victory without caveats. … He will be the nominee.” (RedState, 3/21/12)
American Conservative Union Chairman Al Cardenas: It’s Time To Gear Up For The General Election. CARDENAS: “We can see how this is going to end up, and it’s healthy for conservatives and the Republican Party to start gearing their resources toward the general election.” (National Journal, 3/22/12)
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