Hey, Mitt Romney!

(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

You just won Michigan!

What are you going to do next?

Ten things Mitt Romney has to do now:

1. Make really smart Super Tuesday spending decisions.

2. Make sure he comes out of Super Tuesday having won something besides Virginia, Massachusetts and Vermont.

3. Stop saying “sport” (and the like).

4. Do a full, fast analysis of what went wrong that made Michigan so close.

5. Figure out what is wrong with his campaign operation in general and fix it.

6. Get back to making an economic argument against the President.

7. Have his campaign begin to prepare David Plouffe ’08-style memos showing how it will soon become mathematically impossible for anyone to overtake him in the delegate count.

8. Look for subtle, interpersonal ways to begin the process of easing his rivals out of the race, eventually, down the road, at some point.

9. Determine if he can get elected president with the horrid relationship he currently has with the media — and, if he determines he can’t, do anything he can to improve it.

10. Convince his donors and bundlers he (a) will stop making gaffes; (b) has a plan to win; (c) has sufficient fire in the belly.

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