Mitt, Newt on AM TV

Romney Gingrich

Bay Stater on NBC’s “Today Show” signals debate confrontations and tactical shift moved the polls.

Romney: “We were getting just whaled on by Speaker Gingrich and really didn’t respond very well back in South Carolina….We made it very clear that if people want to see real change in Washington you’ve got to someone in from outside of Washington. I think both the change in tactic and in message have had a real impact here in Florida.”

Ex-Speaker on ABC’s “Good Morning America” and CBS’ “This Morning” again says Boston will “say and do virtually anything” to win the race, emphasizes Romney’s Establishment ties.

Gingrich: “I know a lot about Washington having served as Speaker. I have none of the establishment ties, and I will shake the system up. They don’t want to be shaken up. They’re very comfortable presiding over the decay as long as they get to keep playing their games.”

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