Newt Bashes Mitt


At a Tea Party rally Thursday morning in Mt. Dora, Gingrich fingers Romney as partially responsible for the Florida foreclosure meltdown.

Speaker: “Let’s be clear, you’re watching ads paid for with the money taken from the people of Florida by companies like Goldman Sachs, recycled back into ads to try to stop you from having a choice in this election. That’s what this is all about.”

More Newt: “You have to ask yourself is, what level of gall does it take to think that we collectively are so stupid that somebody who owns lots of stock in Fannie and Freddie Mac, somebody who owns lots of stock in Goldman Sachs, who is insistently foreclosing on Floridians, who is surrounded by lobbyists who are already protecting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, can then build his entire negative campaign in Florida around a series of ads that are just plain false.”

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