Twitter War: Chicago Versus Boston


Obama adviser Axelrod starts a Monday marathon sparring match with Romney adviser Fehrnstrom.

See the up-to-the-moment back-and-forth below.

Axelrod: “@MittRomney A picture’s worth a thousand misleading words. This chart tells the story.

Fehrnstrom: “Sometimes you don’t need a picture to tell a story. The numbers speak for themselves – 1.7 million jobs lost under Obama.”

Axelrod: “How is it that Mitt has nothing to say in the six months BEFORE Obama took office, when U.S. was losing nearly 4m jobs?”

Fehrnstrom: “Really? Romney campaigned against Obama on the basis he was unprepared for the challenge ahead, like Joe Biden warned.”

Axelrod: “Nearly 4m jobs lost in six months before Obama took office. Yet Mitt said policies of that admin had ‘shored up our economy.'”

Fehrnstrom: “Obama is poised to be first president in history to end term with a net job loss. That is a fact. Can’t keep blaming Bush.”

Axelrod: “Not blame. Just asking why Mitt was mute as we lost 4m jobs in last 6 mos of last admin; now wants to go back to same policies?”

Axelrod: “And why Mitt said Bush policies had “shored up the nation’s economy.” Does he still believe that? Or just another change of mind?”

Fehrnstrom: “Why does Obama blame everyone but himself? If he were kicker on NFL team and missed a field goal, would he blame the wind?”

Axelrod: “Dude, none of my business, but shouldn’t you be in debate prep instead of trying to explain yourself to me?”

Fehrnstrom: “Haha! Believe it or not, the economy is an issue where we don’t prep Mitt, he preps us.”

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