Newt: I Was “Romney-Boated”

At Marshalltown, IA press gaggle, Gingrich coins new term for negative ad hit parade and/but insists Romney “didn’t get rid of me — he just slowed me down.”

Ex-Speaker says, “New Hampshire’s the perfect state to have a debate over ‘Romneycare’ and to have a debate about tax-paid abortions, which he signed, and to have a debate about putting Planned Parenthood on a government board, which he signed.”

Resumes attack against the Bay Stater: “Governor Romney remains basically a Massachusetts moderate.”

In extended back-and-forth with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Newt explains why he is going after Romney: “If you have three-and-a-half million dollars spent against you, you’re obligated to tell the truth.”

Drills deeper: “Somebody who will lie to you to be president will lie to you as president.”

Georgian says Romney is “assuming the American people are stupid” by letting his super PAC run attack ads.

Watch the video above.

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