Carney to GOP: “Just Take It”

(Alex Wong/Getty Images)
(Alex Wong/Getty Images)

At Wednesday daily briefing, PressSec implores Speaker “follow the advice of the Wall Street Journal editorial page” and take the two-month payroll tax cut extension.

Carney reads out calls between Obama and Boehner, Obama and Reid.

Readout of the President’s Calls with Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Harry Reid

Today, the President made separate calls to Speaker Boehner and Leader Reid. In his call to Speaker Boehner, the President reiterated the need and his commitment to work with Congress to extend the payroll tax cut for the entire year, and the fact that the short-term bipartisan compromise passed by almost the entire Senate is the only option to ensure that middle class families aren’t hit with a tax hike in 10 days and gives both sides the time needed to work out a full year solution. The President urged the Speaker to take up the bipartisan compromise passed in the Senate with overwhelming Democratic and Republican support that would prevent 160 million working Americans from being hit with a holiday tax hike on January 1st. The President also spoke with Leader Reid and again applauded him for the work he conducted with Minority Leader McConnell to achieve a successful bipartisan compromise that passed overwhelmingly in the Senate on Saturday, and Senator Reid reaffirmed his commitment to secure a bipartisan year long tax cut after the House passes the two month extension. The President urged the Speaker to allow a vote on the one compromise that Democrats and Republicans passed together to give the American people the assurance they need during this holiday season that they won’t see a significant tax hike in just 10 days.

Carney says the compromise is already embodied in the Senate bill: “We are confident that it would pass with both Democratic and Republican support.”

PressSec: “This is not a game of poker, high stakes poker as one Republican Congressman deemed it. We’re talking about 160 Americans and their paychecks. There is no quid pro quo here.”

Mum on if POTUS considering making recess appointments but says all options on the table: “We’re not relinquishing any rights here.”

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