Wall Street Journal Hits Newt-Freddie Ties

(STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)
(STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)

Ed board questions Gingrich’s dealings with Freddie and the “candor” of the ’12er’s. story

WSJ: “The real history lesson here may be what the Freddie episode reveals about Mr. Gingrich’s political philosophy. To wit, he has a soft spot for big government when he can use it for his own political ends.”

More from the op ed: “Mr. Gingrich would help his candidacy if he stopped defending his Freddie payday, admitted his mistake, and promised to atone as President by shrinking Fannie and Freddie and ultimately putting them out of business.”

Newt calls Freddie attacks “wildly inaccurate” in tele-town hall: “I have never once advocated that people do something for Fannie or Freddie. I do not in any way work on influence, per se.”

It's amazing no rival has made this crisp a case against Newt's relationship with the mortgage giant.
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