More a Conversation Than a Debate

Gingrich Huntsman

Gingrich and Huntsman agree to agree on almost everything at Monday St Anselm foreign policy chat.

Both men show policy chops in tension-free lovefest.

At post-debate media availability, Huntsman says Gingrich “definitely, definitely, definitely at the top of my [VP] shortlist.”

On Afghanistan, Huntsman says “we have given this effort our all as a nation” but it’s now time to come home.

Ex-Ambassador pans Pakistani relationship as transactional: “For all the money we put into Pakistan, are we in a better situation? The answer is no.”

Gingrich gives long answer on radical Islamists, says they would use nuclear weapons to attack US interests “in a heartbeat.”

Ex-Speaker calls potential bombing-campaign to take out Iran’s nuclear program “a fantasy.”

Huntsman says Iran is the “transcendent issue of this decade from a foreign policy standpoint.”

Adds the North Korean example is “instructive” and Tehran has concluded they want the “credibility, leverage” a nuclear weapon gets them.

Gingrich and Huntsman both agree the United States’ relationship with the Chinese will be most important foreign policy issue over the next few decades.

In closing remarks, while praising Saint A’s talker format, Huntsman goes out of his way to smack planned Trump debate.

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