Huntsman Hedges on Climate Change


At Heritage “Bloggers Briefing” Tues., Utahan says “because there are questions about the validity of the science…the onus is on the scientific community to help clarify the situation.”

In August, Huntsman tweeted: “To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy.”

On global warming, Huntsman adds “science owes us more about what lies beneath all of this,” promises not to “unilaterally disarm job creators in this country.”

Sneaks in Romney tweak on healthcare: “You can’t mandate your way to success…look what happened in Massachusetts.”

Critical of NCLB: “Made a lot of good schools inadequate…for silly reasons.” Adds he’s “still trying to find the value added of the Department of Education.”

Disagrees with Paul on ending the fed: “We’ve had a central bank for 100 years.”

Argues the US is on the “cusp of a manufacturing renaissance, with the right leaders, the right policies.”

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