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Chip Litherland / The New York Times
Chip Litherland / The New York Times

Romney camp puts out press release bopping lagging rival Perry’s TV ad casting stones from alleged glass house.

Bay Stater’s team: “It seems that presidential candidate Rick Perry has started running a negative campaign against Governor Rick Perry.”

Read the release below.


“Americans are probably confused by the Rick Perry who has been seen railing against ‘career politicians,’ political salaries, and public officials living ‘lavishly’ at taxpayer expense. This is a curious development. It seems that presidential candidate Rick Perry has started running a negative campaign against Governor Rick Perry. Voters should remember, however, that actions speak louder than words.” –Ryan Williams, Romney campaign spokesman

Unfortunately For Governor Perry, His Actions Over Three Decades In Political Office Speak Louder Than His Recent Words:

Perry Recently Called One Democratic Congressman A “Career Politician.” PERRY: “It’s not a surprise to me when I laid out this fundamental reform that I talk about and ask the American people to consider a part-time citizen Congress, that career politicians like Steny Hoyer don’t like my plan to overhaul Washington. They’re making a great living up there.” (, Press Release, 11/15/11)

· Perry Was First Elected To The Legislature In 1984 And “Texas Voters Know It Has Been Decades Since Perry held A ‘Real Job.’” “In a major speech Tuesday in Iowa, Perry again played his man-of-the-people role as he laid out his plan to ‘uproot and overhaul Washington.’ … That might sound good to some people in Iowa and other states, but Texas voters know it has been decades since Perry held a ‘real job.’ He’s been an elected political figure since 1984, a full-time state official since 1990 and governor for almost 11 years.” (Editorial, “Better Watch What Rick Perry Says,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 11/16/11)

Perry Also Claimed He Was “Serious” About Creating A “Part-Time Citizen Congress” By Reducing Congressional Pay. PERRY: “I guarantee you I got their attention today when I talked about reforming the legislative branch of government by making it a part-time citizen Congress. When people like Steny Hoyer come out there and go, ‘Is this guy being serious?’ Yeah, you better believe it Steny. Americans are serious.” (, Press Release, 11/15/11)

· As A Legislator, Perry Backed A Measure To Nearly Triple His Own Paycheck. “Gov. Rick Perry on Tuesday proposed slashing the salaries of ‘overpaid’ congressional lawmakers by half … In 1989, Perry co-sponsored a constitutional amendment to adjust [state] lawmakers’ salaries to equal one-quarter the amount made by the Texas governor. At the time, members of the state legislature … made a salary of $7,200 per year. The measure Perry backed would have upped that to almost $18,000, nearly a three-fold increase.” (NBC’s “First Read,” 11/15/11)

Perry Attacked Politicians Who Have “Been Living Lavishly Off Of The Taxpayers.” PERRY: “That is exactly what I would expect from the Pelosi Democrats. They’ve been living lavishly off of the taxpayers while intruding upon our freedoms with massive government programs and mandates like Obamacare.” (Rick Perry, Remarks, 11/16/11)

· Taxpayers Spend Over $100,000 Per Year For Perry To Live In A Rented Mansion Near Austin. “The taxpayers shell out $108,000 a year to rent [Gov. Perry] an estate west of Austin, and spend another $168,000 on chefs, stewards and housekeepers for the Perrys’ creature comforts.” (R.G. Ratcliffe, “Perry’s A Long Way From The Cotton Farm,” Houston Chronicle, 7/26/09)

· “The 6,386-Square-Foot Rental Sits On More Than Three Acres In The Exclusive Estates Above Lost Creek In West Austin.” (Jay Root, “Despite Budget Woes, State Pays Big Bucks For Perry Home,” The Associated Press, 5/17/10)

· Mansion Employees Like Chefs And Stewards Cost Taxpayers Another $200,000 Each Year. “Along with a steward, the salaries for the five mansion employees cost taxpayers $195,770 a year, records show.” (Jay Root, “Despite Budget Woes, State Pays Big Bucks For Perry Home,” The Associated Press, 5/17/10)

· Perry Is Eligible For A Public Pension Estimated At $120,000 Per Year – Plus State-Financed Health Care For Life – When He Retires. “If Perry retires at the end of his current term, in 2014, he would be eligible to collect as much as $119,025 a year, according to calculations based on 30 years of elective service and optional provisions. Perry will also receive Social Security, which could swell his total public pension benefits to more than $140,000 annually. … He is entitled to state-financed health care for the rest of his life and will be eligible for Medicare after his current term expires.” (Jay Root, “Perry Entitled To Big State Pension, Health Benefits,” The Texas Tribune, 11/7/11)

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