Michigan Mash-Up

GOP Presidential Candidates Participate In Debate In Tampa

At  the CNBC “Your Money, Your Vote” debate, Perry makes a historic blunder when trying to name the three government agencies he would cut.

Perry: “When I’m president I’ll get rid of education, commerce… I can’t name the third one.”

When debate circles back to Perry, he mentions the third department he would axe: energy.

Sexual harassment question only comes up twice, Georgian nets cheers when says he will not let “baseless accusations” derail his candidacy and Romney refuses to say if he would have fired Cain as CEO.

In answer on health care, Cain calls Dem Leader Pelosi, “Princess Nancy.”

Read the transcript of the entire debate here.

Huntsman drills down on banks, calls “bailout here in the auto sector…I don’t think that’s a good use of tax payer money.”

Bachmann swipes at Obama, says President “continues to go to General Axelrod,” take his marching orders.

Gingrich agrees with Romney on housing; market should be allowed to run its course.

Romney: “You have to let the market work and get people in homes again and the best way to let that happen is to get the economy to reboot.”

Gingrich continues to attack the media, scoffs at being asked to explain health care in 30 seconds: “This is the perfect case of why I’m going to challenge the President to 7 Lincoln-Douglas debates.”

Santorum mines his policy record on health savings accounts, block granting Medicare/Medicaid: “I led on these issues.”

Bay Stater champions free trade but labels China as currency manipulator, advocates crackdown: “China is, in almost every dimension, cheating and we’ve got to recognize that.”

Huntsman tries to seize chance to attack Romney, says his proposed use of tariffs would cause a trade war.

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