Florida Face-Off


In GOP debate, Romney and Perry go back and forth, again, on Soc. Sec., spar over education.

Perry says people close to Soc. Sec. “have nothing to worry about,” wants retirees to have ability to option out. Hits ex-MA Guv for deleting lines about Romneycare from his book.

Romney responds, says he stands by what he wrote, adds on Soc. Sec., “You better find that Rick Perry and get him to stop saying that.” Calls for “one plan, and it’s going to be fiscally sound and stable.”

On Romney’s economic plan, Cain says “that dog won’t hunt,” too tied to old tax code.

On education, all candidates say they want less federal involvement in schools, encourage school choice incentives.

Perry tries to tie Romney to “Race to the Top.” Romney says he disapproves of president’s overall plan, but praises EducationSec Duncan’s push for teacher evaluation.

Bachmann wants “mother of all repeals,” would “turn off the lights” at Dept. of Ed.

Perry cites record, claims TX spent $400 billion to secure border. Says those who do not support educating illegals “do not have a heart.” Adds not educating allows illegals to become “a drag” on the economy.

On foreign policy, Romney accusses Obama of throwing Israel under the bus, says “right course is to stand behind our friends.” Need to “make it abundantly clear it is unacceptable for Iran to become a nuclear nation.”

Santorum: “We need to have…20, 30 thousand troops to remain in Iraq.”

In call to bring troops home, Huntsman says, “Only Pakistan can save Pakistan. Only Afghanistan can save Afghanistan. It’s time for American to save America.”

Santorum says he would reinstitute “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, tells soldiers to “keep it to yourself, whether your heterosexual or homosexual.”

Santorum: “President Obama is the new King George, III who believes on things dictated from on high.”

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