Dems Hold to Their Bottom Line


Sunday early evening White House meeting with Reid and Pelosi lasts just over an hour.

Reid tweet: “Speaker Boehner’s plan, no matter how he tries to dress it up, is simply a short-term plan, & therefore it is a non-starter in the Senate”

White House official: “In the meeting the President received an update on the state of negotiations on the Hill from Leader Pelosi and Leader Reid, and the Leaders and the President reiterated our opposition to a short-term debt limit increase.”

It seems impossible for Democrats to give up on their insistence that any debt limit increase go through 2013. If they surrender on that -- and (it is safe to assume at this point) they get no additional revenue to go with spending cuts -- they will have allowed Republicans, who control only the House, to pretty much roll them on most everything. The glimmer of hope is that some of Boehner's rhetoric with his House Republican colleagues during a Sunday conference call seemed to be softening them up for a compromise. But if GOPers are going to insist on no new revenue and dollar-for-dollar parity between the debt limit increase and spending cuts, it is still impossible to see where the compromise can be had.
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