Cantor presses constitutional amendment as clock ticks.

Also: House GOPers plan 8am Friday powwow.

Leader Cantor: Balanced Budget Amendment Will Help Change Washington
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA)
Remarks at GOP Stakeout
July 14, 2011

“Central to the discussions that we’ve been having on the debt ceiling increase is how we’re going to ensure that we’re actually changing the system in Washington, and that we’re actually going to change the way that we spend taxpayer dollars. We’re also very concerned about making sure we can go home to the people that we represent and tell them that it has changed, that we’re going to stop spending money we don’t have, and that we’re going to live just like the people of this country live in their homes, in their personal lives and their businesses.

“The Balanced Budget Amendment does just that. It accomplishes what we want, which is to change the system and finally begins to get the fiscal house in order, so that as the Speaker said, we can return to what the priority of this country is: to get the economy growing again and get people back to work.”

Q & A:

“The Speaker and I have consistently been on the same page, and it is just as he laid out, in terms of the principles under which we’re operating that our Conference is fully behind. We’re not going to raise the debt ceiling if we don’t have cuts in excess of that amount, we don’t want to raise taxes, and we want to structurally change the system so that we can stop this from happening again. And Leader Reid is frustrated as we all are. The fact is, we’re going to abide by our principles, and that’s how it is, I’m sure the Speaker joins me in that.”

“We’ve always participated, and I had been in the Biden discussions for almost seven weeks prior to the point at which they stopped. It’s almost nine weeks total that we’ve been talking about this. The way that I have approached what the Speaker asked me to do in those talks, and the same thing that I’ve done as I’ve accompanied the Speaker to the White House, is to try and see what can match up with the principles that the Speaker has laid out, those three principles, and to garner the necessary support so that we can avoid going past August 2nd without increasing the debt limit. So there is a dose of pragmatism in all that we do, and that is how we’re going to achieve results so that we can deliver for the American people.”

“As I had said before, given the current state of the proposals that are on the table and what I know about where our members are in consultation with the Whip, we are not yet at 218. Certainly I approach it, as the Speaker has said publicly, to make sure that we avoid default and that we avoid going past August 2nd without raising the debt ceiling.”


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