The Omnipresent Eric Cantor


House Leader hits five AM talkers to set the debt limit table.

Leader Cantor Discusses The Debt Limit on NBC, CBS, CNBC, FOX & MSNBC

We Are For Trillions in Savings, We Are Not For Raising Taxes: “All of us support tax reform and simplification, and in fact want to lower rates, because if we lower rates most people would say you are going to have a better environment for job creation. I can tell you one thing. We are united as Republicans that now is not the time to raise taxes. I have talked with the Speaker and he is not for increasing taxes…If the President wants to talk jet owner loopholes, that is $3 billion over ten years. We are talking trillions in savings. If the President wants to talk loopholes, we need offsetting tax cuts somewhere else. We are not for raising taxes. It’s not the right thing to do when you have a sputtering economy and so many people out of work.” MSNBC “Morning Joe”

We Must Come Together On Spending Cuts and Getting Our Fiscal House In Order: “It is very hard to sit here and say we’re going to increase the credit limit of the country when we have over $14 trillion in debt right now. All of us believe that America pays its bills, just like every family and business is expected to. So we look at this as a situation where we can come together and rally around trillions of dollars in spending cuts, as well as reforms to the system, then we can go forward and begin to get the fiscal house in order. This is not easy for anyone to do, and I’m hopeful we can get this done so we can begin to grow the economy again.” NBC “Today Show”

The Need For Spending Cuts And Managing Down The Debt: “For the last six or seven weeks we’ve had several ongoing discussions about how we actually address the problem that the core of the issue is that the country is spending entirely too much money, it’s borrowing 40 cents of every dollar it spends. We can’t afford to do that just like people around their kitchen tables and small businesses can’t afford to do it. So how are we going to address that situation? That’s first and foremost. We put together a package of trillions of dollars of savings. I believe that both sides can come together to begin to embrace those savings and manage down the debt and deficit and in return the President has asked us to increase the debt limit of this country. Again, I hope that we can do this and we can begin to focus again on how people get back to work. In my hometown of Richmond, people are very anxious about this economy and they are looking to see how we can get back to a growth oriented picture.” CBS “The Early Show”

The Republicans’ Plan for Job Creation: “At the end of the day, what we are trying to do is create an environment where more people have the opportunity to get back to work. Again, money doesn’t come from nowhere. … Our job creator proposal says let’s simplify the code and bring down corporate rates and individual rates to be more competitive and see jobs grow again. That’s absolutely our long-term goal. Right now, we have a situation in the next several weeks where we have to address the issue of the debt ceiling. First things first, let’s get spending under control. That’s why the trillions of dollars that have been identified through the Biden talks provide the basis for a fair deal for us to address the fiscal imbalance in this country.” MSNBC “Morning Joe”

Growing Jobs and The Economy After Two Years of Democrats’ Failed Policies: “Let’s remember where we’ve been over the last two years. This theory of flushing out dollars from Washington to grow the economy has failed. Look at where the stimulus has gotten us. It has gotten us over $800 billion in debt from that very vote that the Democrats passed, and with no effect in terms of delivering on their promise that they were going to keep unemployment at 8% or lower. We’re over 9% now officially. We’ve been there, done that, so let’s try and address the problem here. The problem is spending. We have on the table trillions of dollars of spending cuts identified that both sides can get their arms around and go forward with in order to increase the credit limit. People in this country are expecting us to deliver on spending cuts and on changing the system. They don’t want us to be spending dollars like they were spent before. They want us to demonstrate that things have changed and that we are going to manage their taxpayer dollars the same way they would.” CNBC “Squawk Box”


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