(Not) According to Plan


Essential reading: DNC sends around right/left/center brutal reaction to Romney Rx plan. 

NOT The Reaction Romney was Hoping For


JRubinBlogger Jennifer Rubin

the only idea dumber than this speech was strapping the irish setter to the top of the car

JRubinBlogger Jennifer Rubin

@TheFix he is genuinely unacceptable to conservatives..he shouldn’t waste his kids’ inheritance

JonahNRO Jonah Goldberg

Breaking: Mitt Romney auditions for David Axelrod’s Job in Ann Arbor Speech.

mattklewis Matt Lewis

Romney sticking by the individual mandate. (Explaining the theory won’t make it better).

petersuderman Peter Suderman

Romney is making a much better case for ObamaCare than against it.

TeaPartyMD Tea Party Maryland

@jonward11 @haridnc when is Romney just going to go away? #RINO #tcot


ezraklein Ezra Klein

Either Romney’s plan raises taxes on employer-based plans or it costs an *enormous* amount of money. Romney’s fudging on one of these two.

ezraklein Ezra Klein

The problem Romney can’t overcome is the individual mandate is good policy and he knows it.

ezraklein Ezra Klein

The White House should send this guy on the road!

ezraklein Ezra Klein

His argument boils down to “Under a Romney presidency, no state would have to replicate my awesome, obvious health-care reforms.”

ezraklein Ezra Klein

You know what Mitt Romney still believes is a good idea? The individual mandate.

CitizenCohn Jonathan Cohn

#Romney defending individual mandate for #Romneycare and doing a lovely job of it – explaining free rider problem, etc. Go Mitt!

@ThePlumLineGS Reminder: Romney has been making exactly this state/federal distinction for months and months and months. Not new.


2chambers Felicia Sonmez

#Romney says of ’08 bid: “That was a time when my Mass. health care plan was seen as an asset … that’s not the case now”

samyoungman Sam Youngman

going only by my twitter feed, it would seem that Romney should drop out

philipaklein Philip Klein

by jonward11

Romney says mandate about “personal responsibility.” ObamaCare calls mandate “individual responsibility requirement.”

tomfitzgerald tomfitzgerald

by HotlineJosh

Romney has not repudiated the individual mandate. He explained rationale. but i guess other states have no “free rider problem”?

pwire Taegan Goddard

Listening to Romney makes me think the WSJ was right… http://pwire.at/loTBuq

HotlineJosh Josh Kraushaar

Romney’s speech is making me even more skeptical of his prospects in a GOP nomination, his rhetoric now on “free riders” mirrors Obama

@jonward11 Jon Ward

for a speech about Obamacare, Romney sure has been talking for a while about the Massachusetts plan

It appears Romney has failed so far in doing what the speech was intended to do -- and needed to do: get the chattering class to focus on the efficacy of the plan Romney is proposing to pursue as president (including the repeal of ObamaCare), and stop beating him about the head and shoulders with his Massachusetts law. The problem for Romney is that almost every member of the chattering class (right, left, center, and reporters) has the same view of Romney's political character, and they all see his actions and statements on health care as more proof (even though they don't think they need ANY more proof) of the guy's true nature. Romney's team believes that this dynamic is survivable (and, last I checked, none of Romney's rivals are perfect, either), but the conventional wisdom that existed yesterday has only been reinforced for many by today's performance. That CW is wrong, but go ahead and try to find enough people who share my view among those paying attention to field both sides for a soccer match. Good luck.
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