Getting in the Trenches

Dems. with Obama ties launch Priorities USA and Priorities USA Action PACs Fri. with aim of countering GOP groups for ’12, Politico reports.

And: Set total fundraising goal of $120 million.

Groups Launch Effort to Combat Right-Wing Republican Money

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to the extremist right-wing efforts pledged by Karl Rove and the Koch brothers, Priorities USA and Priorities USA Action began operations today. The Koch brothers have pledged to raise and spend $88 million over the course of the next two years and Karl Rove’s right-wing groups — American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS –have pledged to raise and spend $120 million through 2012. It has been reported that their efforts combined with other conservative groups, will raise and spend $500 million this cycle.

Priorities USA is a 501(c)(4) organization dedicated to mobilizing Americans to preserve, protect and promote the middle class, and to ensure opportunity and freedom for the next generation. It will advocate for economic policies that generate jobs here in America through innovation, education and investment in the infrastructure vital to our future success. Priorities USA will support policies that are fiscally responsible and reflect America’s core value of fairness. It will oppose right-wing attempts to harm the American middle class in order to bestow special treatment on special interests. It will promote national security policies that protect our nation, defend our interests and enhance America’s position as a respected world leader.

Priorities USA Action is an Independent Expenditure PAC that supports candidates who will advance policies that provide the strongest and most sound outcomes for middle class families.

Bill Burton and Sean Sweeney will serve as senior strategists to both groups. Paul Begala will be senior advisor to the efforts.

“This is an effort to level the playing field. Americans deserve an honest debate about job creation, the economy, national security and education. That debate will never happen if only right wing extremists are engaged on the battlefield,” said Sean Sweeney.

“While we agree that fundamental campaign finance reforms are needed, Karl Rove and the Koch brothers cannot live by one set of rules as our values and our candidates are overrun with their hundreds of millions of dollars. We will follow the rules as the Supreme Court has laid them out, but the days of the double standard are over,” said Bill Burton.

“We’re eager to meet Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers in the public arena. As long as they’re spending millions telling lies in their effort to destroy the middle class, we will answer them by telling the truth,” said Paul Begala.

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