Born in the U.S.A. (Still)


Obama says he “wouldn’t normally” comment on birth certificate, but feels nation can’t focus on “big problems” while “distracted” by birthers at Wed. presser.

This is an extraordinary moment in the history of the Obama presidency and of the nation. The overwhelming number of Americans (particularly of Republicans) who believe the president wasn't born in the USA (or doubt it) has become too big to ignore (as the White House has mostly done in public) or joke about (as Obama did at the Gridiron dinner). There are both political and substantive reasons why this is a good move for the administration. The two potential next steps are key. One, will responsible Republican leaders begin to denounce the birthers (no more cutesy "I take the president at his word...")? And two, will public opinion start to shift? Sadly: don't hold your breath for either.
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