Huck Sees the Donald In


Former Guv tells Barbara Walters he has “every indication” that Trump will “definitely” run.

In an interview to air Monday, April 25 on SiriusXM’s Here’s Barbara

Below are select excerpts from the show:
On Donald Trump as possible candidate for the 2012 presidential election:
Mike Huckabee: “….I believe that if he gets in the race he is going to be formidable because everybody knows ‘The Donald’ and money will be no object for him…and I think he’s going to get in it. I seriously believe he’s going to jump in.”
Barbara Walters: “Really?”
Mike Huckabee: “I met with him a few weeks ago in New York and I got every indication that he is definitely going to run.”
Barbara Walters: “What did he say to you, what did you say to him?”
Mike Huckabee: “We had a nice talk because he had been on a talk show…and was asked who he would be favorable toward if he didn’t run. He said ‘Well, one guy I like out there is Mike Huckabee,’ which kind of took me aback….anyway, we had a mutual friend arrange a meeting and we just had a very honest and open conversation about the process of running…it was kind of like two dogs sniffing around a fire hydrant together.”
Barbara Walters: “You really think he’s going to run and be a serious candidate?”
Mike Huckabee: “I do. Barbara, I did not think that going into the meeting but when I came out I thought, ‘This guy is going to get out there and do it.’”

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