Jobs Reax From The Left


Pelosi: “Today’s jobs report shows our economy moving in the right direction and our private sector leading the charge toward recovery. But with millions still out of work, we must do more to build on this progress and restore prosperity to all Americans.”

Reid: “Today’s news that unemployment fell and we added nearly two hundred thousand jobs is more proof that as our economy continues to bounce back, we need to do stay focused on creating jobs and protecting our fragile recovery. Families in Nevada and around the country are still struggling. That’s why we cannot afford Republicans’ reckless spending plan, which economists from across the spectrum have said would destroy hundreds of thousands of American jobs.” 

Trumka: “With today’s jobs report, we are finally seeing the beginning of a fragile economic recovery. The economy continues to grow, but the recovery remains threatened by irresponsible budget cutting in Congress and in states and cities across the country.”

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