Jobs Reax From the Right

Boehner: “Any improvement in the jobs situation for our country is welcome news, but unemployment is still far above where the Obama Administration promised it would be when it forced our children to pay for the ‘stimulus’ fiasco, which accelerated a government spending binge that continues to block our nation’s path to prosperity.”

Cantor: “Today’s jobs report showing 192,000 new jobs is an encouraging sign that businesses are beginning to hire and people are getting back to work. However, an unemployment rate of 8.9% is still too high and we need to continue our efforts to make sure private sector employers have sure footing to invest in new employees and expand their businesses.”

Hensarling: “The improvement in our nation’s jobs report is welcome news and demonstrates the resilience of the free enterprise economy in spite of the onslaught of the Democrats’ big government agenda. But the real question is why is it taking so long and why is the recovery so weak? The modest improvement can be attributed to two factors – the free-market economy is slowly moving toward a recovery from this deep recession, and with Republicans controlling one lever of the lawmaking powers, job creators know the upper limits of the Democrats’ legislative pain is behind them.”

Price: “House Republicans will not rest in our efforts to break down those barriers to job creation put in place by Washington Democrats,” said Chairman Price. “Just this week, we voted to remove an onerous mandate on small businesses so they can focus on growth and creating jobs, and we are offering concrete leadership with a responsible plan to reduce the size of government spending and start to tackle the looming debt crisis.”

Preibus: “While today’s job numbers are encouraging, unfortunately unemployment continues to remain unacceptably high. Like so many other issues, we have yet to see the leadership we need coming out of the White House to restore sustainable economic growth. While spending taxpayers’ dollars hand over fist, Barack Obama has failed to address our nation’s long-term fiscal health.”

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