VP Takes Gotham


Biden visits NYC Wed., attends receptions for DNC and Rep. Maloney.

Joe Biden and Carolyn Maloney walked out on the stage together after around 250 guests at the midtown Sheraton finished dining on a salad of greens, beets, goat cheese, apples and candied walnuts salad, followed by boneless chicken breast with cured tomatoes and a basil chicken jus accompanied by an au gratin potato cake, broccolini & glazed carrots and a desert of chocolate hazelnut mousse cake or Strawberry tart and al birthday cake in the shape of the United States Capitol.
Maloney thanked the crowd for welcoming Joe Biden, said it was an honor to have him in the district and an honor to have him in New York
“Believe me absolutely everybody wants Joe. No one campaigned more on the campaign trail. I could call him up and say so and so is in trouble and in the turn of a dime he would go out on a time and campaign for them.”
Said no one is better on the issues than VPOTUS.
Maloney said that “probably the most difficult part of being in office is raising money and all of you have made that easier for me. My late husband…was always my finance chair and I miss him very much today and I know many of you were friends of his and miss him too”
Thanked the New York delegation who was there, including Charlie Rangel, Yvette Clark, Jerry Nadler and said this is a delegation that stands together, that works hard, and noted the 9/11 health care compensation bill was the last bill which passed the last Congress. Maloney said the bill would not have passed without VPOTUS support.
Maloney made a few comments about her 2010 primary against Reshma Saujani, a hedge fund lawyer who ran a spirited campaign against her but lost 81-19.
“I can tell you all Winston Churchill once said that they’re was nothing more joyful or exhilarating than being shot at and missed. And in this last election a lot of Democrats were shot out and I had a very nasty campaign and it was great to win with 81 percent of the vote.”
Maloney said that one of the reasons we had this little primary was a bill I authored the credit card holders bill of rights.
She praised VPOTUS for his comment to helping women’s rights, including the Violence Against Women Act and the Debbie Smith Bill, which made it easier to track the DNA of rapists.
Maloney said that no one has been a stronger voice for infrastructure than Joe Biden, said that he helped her east side district receive $4 billion in infrastructure projects which led to the creation of 38,000 jobs.
Maloney said that VPOUTS has been a leader in foreign policy and supported the United Nations, including peace and justice in Cyprus which led to some sustained applause in one corner of the room.
“After all of these great achievement he is just one great guy. He’s got the best smile in politics. He is deeply committed to us, to the people,” she said.
“I am so thrilled to have him here to have him as a friend,” she said before introducing the “Vice President of the United States, Joseph Biden”
Biden took the stage at 1:47 and said “I think the appropriate thing is to say is I rest my case. If half of that were true I would be a very very happy. Let me begin by wishing Carolyn a happy birthday…I am delighted to be with here.”
Biden made his own comments about the Maloney-Saujani Democratic primary.
He said “I wanted to come in and campaign for Carolyn earlier this past year and do a fundraiser for her then but I was told were if to come in she would only get 75 percent of the vote so we put it off until today.”
And VPOTUS addressed the donors there, “I want to say to you all thank you for helping Carolyn. I only dreamed in my 36 years in the Senate, Charlie [Rangel], I didn’t think about 70 percent let alone 80 percent.”
Biden noted that even when he as on the ballot for Senate the same year he was on the ballot as vice-president he only garnered 66 percent of the vote. “We have to get some of this New York spirit down in Delaware.”
Biden also mentioned the Debbie Smith Act, which he helped said help bring closure to victims of rape and praised her advocacy for consumers which he said “got you a primary.”
He praised Maloney for her work on the 9/11 Health Bill, especially for bring the Congress back from a lame duck session.
“You want to talk about tenacity, my god, I learned a long time ago Carolyn says, ‘Joe can you?’ before I even hear the next word I say yes. It’s just not worth it,” he said to laughter and applause.
Biden said that it matters in Washington that everybody likes you and everybody likes this whole NY delegation.
Biden noted that many of the people in the room had donated to him when he was running for the Senate and later for president, and said, “If I had known how good Barack was I would have just joined early on. I wouldn’t have been screwing around with that exercise.”
VPOTUS said that “Barack and I owe the people in this room. We owe you because we understand full well we would not be in the office we hold now and we would not retain the office we now hold but for the people in this room and people like you across the country who are the backbone of the Democratic Party.”
After some banter directed at Charlie Rangel, who said was the only guy in the room older than him, he said most people think Washington doesn’t work, but he said the election showed that people wanted the Congress to get something done, and pointed to the lame duck session where a bi-partisan agreement was reached on taxes which led to economic growth
“As a consequence of what we did in bipartisan way, there is actually economic growth…things are getting better.”
VPOTUS said there is a legitimate debate going on between mainstream Republicans and Democrats on what is appropriate role of government.
Said government can’t just create new jobs but has to create whole new industries and then asked for the Teleprompters to come down
“I am not using this thing. If you want to put it down, it’s ok by me. You know Barack said, excuse me, the President said Joe is learning to make a speech with a teleprompter and I am learning to do one without a teleprompter.” There was laughter and applause.
Said the debate was between doing something with the deficit and stimulating the economy or just focusing on the deficit. VPOUTS pointed out the administration is taking real action to lower the deficit but said that “you can not refrain from investing in the three things that are going to determine the fate of your daughter and my daughter and their children.”
Those three things: infrastructure, innovation and education.
VPOTUS: “I don’t how we can lead in the 21st century with the same infrastructure, the same transportation system we have now.
Said that if you can ship your widgets 20 percent cheaper and 20 percent faster out of Hong Kong why are you going to do it in New York
Said the rest of the world is following from America’s example last century and investing in infrastructure and education and research and development in technology.
Said the administration understands that government is not the answer. “We think free enterprise is the answer,” but said venture capitalists won’t invest in something that doesn’t pay back a short-term return.
Said even though 69 percent of Americans think China is dominant economy in the world, that the U.S. already thinks we are having our lunch eaten by the Chinese and then Indians, but notes that the U.S GDP is three times as large as China as large as next three countries combined.
“We are into this syndrome that we are already losing, we are already behind the eight ball and we’re not.”
Said the president’s plan was the right one because it would create jobs in the short term and lead the way in the future.
Noted that U.S. military is larger than every other military in the world combined
”Ladies and gentlemen its a tough world out there but you can not sustain our physical security without guaranteeing our economic security. it can’t be done and the president knows that”
Added “We not only have to lead by the example of power…we have to lead by the power of our example we have to our values consistent with our places the rest of the world is changing”
VPOTUS then quoted “Easter Sunday 1916” by William Butler Yeats, who he said reading out loud helped him overcome his stuttering (said if you saw the King’s Speech—“that was me until I was 19 years old.”
Said Yeats had a line in the poem that better describes the state of the world today
“All is changed. Changed utterly. A terrible beauty has been born.”
Noted that he predicted that oligarchs of the Middle East wouldn’t still be in power by 2020.
Said that the U.S. can’t look at the Middle East as “a series of gas stations” quoting Tom Friedman
Said that if our economy doesn’t adjust and lead the world in the 21st century we are going to follow and if we follow we will not be able to secret our interests physically around the world.
Said real question is if government has any role in spurring the private sector and noted that Lincoln had foresight to pay private railroad to lay a mile of track of the transcendental railroad in private treasury bonds and that Eisenhower made the first investments in what became the Internet.
“I know that will disappoint some of you Al Gore fans,” he joked.
Biden contrasted the administration’s approach with the austerity approach of Germany, which he said led to them having slower economic growth.
VPOTUS quoted a Boston mayor who was getting hammered by the press and said “Don’t compare me to the almightily, compare me to the alternative.”
”In fairness I think Barack Obama the state by which he was judged was more by the almighty than the alternative,” he said.
Said Democrats have an advantage now because they will have an opponent and that opponent will have to lay out their economic and international vision, called out Paul Ryan’s budget proposal which would increase deficit because it would eliminate health care bill and doesn’t address tax structure.
Said look at new House members, look at Wisconsin and Indiana and you see Republicans acting with an ideological agenda, and doing away with things they never liked like Planned Parenthood and public broadcasting.
Called labor the reason why we have a middle class
“Public employees are not the problem. The problem is much deeper.”
“We are going to see the economic conditions they created used as an excuse to fundamentally go after the social agenda that the far right has been trying to accomplish for a long time.”
Said next two years you will see the contrast between the two parties, unlike last two years when they had to attend to so many problems. Said the American public is more confident and optimistic than they have been in a long time, as they have begun to see the investments of the last couple of y ears–in the auto industry, in the financial industry, etc–pay dividends. Said the country will come roaring back because America is the largest economy and the incubator of entrepreneurs
“It’s about time we start believing in ourselves again, investing in ourselves again and understanding that when we give the American people a chance they have never never never never ever let us down. Never.”
Said he is kidded as being the White House optimist.
“You have a president who I admired before I took the job but I have come to admire in a way that is hard to even explain. I watched this guy make incredibly difficult decisions every single day.” says he and Obama spend 3-5 hours together every single day, praised Obama’s backbone, intellect and vision.
“I think you are going to see not only the United States but him sort of sprout their wings a little bit.”
Concluded by paraphrasing his grandmother and saying “thank god Carolyn is there, because she is going to keep us straight.”

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